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Commercial Locksmith Service

Do you want to strengthen the security at your commercial center in addition to lock repairs and lock replacement? Hire Tacoma Locksmith 24, a commercial locksmith with in-depth knowledge to help secure your business.

In the furtherance of essential locksmith’s functions, a commercial locksmith provides services to enhance the safety of your business, offices, retail shops, schools, restaurants, hospitals, etc. He also sees the protection of private and confidential information at offices. Tacoma Locksmith 24 is a commercial locksmith that understands the necessity of security to the smooth running of businesses.

Roles of Tacoma Locksmith 24

Tacoma Locksmith 24 provides essential functions of a locksmith such as duplication of keys, repairs, and rekeying current locks, and fixing of new locks.

As a commercial locksmith, we provide the services below:
  1. Installing Master Key System

It is essential that certain locks of a commercial center are operated by a single key- the master key system, to prevent a big bunch of keys and ease of security compromise. This will ensure that employees are denied entry to some areas in the business center. It is a convenient safety measure for business owners. Tacoma Locksmith 24 is a specialist in this regard.

  1. Establishing Key Control

Some employees are given access to the keys to particular offices and safes in the business office due to their roles. Although they may be given a stern warning not to make unauthorized duplication of such keys, you need to double-check that the keys cannot be duplicated. Until you can make certain that no unapproved copies can be done, you do not have key control.

Our Tacoma WA locksmith team will help you have complete key control by changing the lock tumblers with a restricted keyway range. Commercial locksmiths usually have registered customized keyway that is unique and traceable to them. As a result, no other locksmith can have key blanks to such locks and make copies of the keys. Our locksmiths will enhance the security of your business by installing a secure keyway for you.

  1. Evaluation and Fixing of Security Systems

Your commercial center may need a security upgrade or advanced security measures. Contact Tacoma Locksmith 24, a commercial locksmith to evaluate the safety needs of your business and make recommendations for advanced security systems that will ensure the safety of your commercial center. Our locksmiths can install security devices like CCTV security camera systems, video surveillance, biometric locks, etc. according to the security needs of your business.

  1. Installation of Safety Devices

Our locksmiths will install high-profile safes for the safekeeping of your valuable materials. Banks and big retail shops usually need vaults with advanced security features to guarantee the utmost security of highly confidential documents and currencies.

Commercial Locksmith

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If you need other services to enhance the security of your business or commercial centers, contact Tacoma Locksmith 24 today! for more information. It is our primary concern to make you and your business secure.

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